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written by Ray on February 12, 2015

Who Would Play You in the Story of Your Life? The stars of our Hollywood Issue dream cast their own biopics. Some requests are more realistic than others.

Behind the scenes of the cover shoot for the 2015 Hollywood Issue, the stars of the moment told Smith about who they’d choose to star in their personal biopics. Some had requests that might be impossible—Grace Kelly?—while others may have just hand-picked the biggest stars of tomorrow.


written by Ray on October 02, 2013

Oscar Isaac Was Once Hospitalized for a Cat Bite — Throughout much of the new Coen brothers’ film, Inside Llewyn Davis, Oscar Isaac’s character is carrying a cat. Ordinarily, working so closely with an animal wouldn’t be a problem for the actor — but Isaac had good reason to be wary of even the most adorable of kitties:

Just before the shoot, he was attacked by one named Oswald. “I was living in New Jersey, and I was reading a book on my porch there,” Isaac told us at the movie’s premiere at the New York Film Festival. “And [Oswald] came up to me … he was the sweetest little cat, and he started rubbing on me and purring. And then at one point, he just bit my hand, out of nowhere! I walked away and I went to sleep, and I woke up the next morning, and I had a red line going all the way up my arm.”

Turned out an infection had reached his blood stream; he had to be hospitalized for three days. “They were pumping me with antibiotics, because it got in my lymphatic system,” he said. So when he showed up to the Llewyn set and learned he’d have a cat actor tied to him at almost all times, he wasn’t totally thrilled. “But it was for the Coens, so I was like, ‘I’ll do it. That’s okay.'”

written by Ray on September 05, 2013

Oscar Isaac Discovers New Guitar Skill From Inside Llewyn Davis

Oscar Isaac has adopted a new style of guitar playing in his music after having to learn the skill for his new film Inside Llewyn Davis. — The former punk star portrays the title character in the Coen Brothers’ upcoming movie, about a struggling folk singer trying to make it in 1960s’ New York, and his preparation for the acting job has come in handy for his own stage career.

He tells New York magazine, “For the movie, I had to learn this way of playing guitar called ‘Travis picking’, where your thumb is like the metronome, and you’re playing the bass line and the melody at the same time. It’s this very tricky, syncopated style of playing, and once I locked in to it, I haven’t been able to get out.”

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