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Welcome to Oscar Isaac Network, our source dedicated to Guatemalan-born American actor and musician Oscar Isaac, celebrating seven years online this year. You’ll find the latest news, photos and media on Oscar. Check out the site and please come back soon.

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written by Luciana on July 27, 2017

Oscar Isaac Has a Meltdown With a Paper Bag in ‘Lightningface’ Short

Oscar Isaac is having quite the meltdown in the short Lightningface.

The 20-minute short film stars the actor as Basil, a man who gets struck by lightning and wakes to find his face scarred. He quickly spirals out of control, sequestering himself in his apartment, calling out of work and cutting ties with his loved ones as he begins to believe that he’s part of an otherworldly transformation.

Lightningface is Isaac’s second collaboration with director Brian Petsos, as the two previously worked together on the short film Ticky Tacky.

Watch it:

Screencaptures has been added in our gallery.

written by Luciana on July 04, 2017

“The Promise” Screen Captures

Oscar’s most recent movie, the historical drama The Promise, is now available on iTunes. Directed by Terry George and starred by Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale and Charlotte Le Bon, the movie set a romance during the Ottoman Empire’s 1915 genocidal annihilation of its Armenian citizens.

You can find in our gallery screen captures of Oscar scenes as Michael, alongside edditional promotional stills and posters.

The Promise will be available on DVD next July 18.

written by Luciana on April 05, 2016

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Blu-Ray Screencaptures

With a theatrical debut that pulled in more than $2.063 billion at the worldwide box office, J.J. Abrams‘ massively successful seventh chapter of the Star Wars saga comes home on Blu-ray and DVD today, April 5. And thanks to the early release of the digital copy, I’ve added the HQ screencaps from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the gallery. We’ll be working on the DVD extras later today.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) > Screencaptures
written by Luciana on January 15, 2016

“A Most Violent Year” Screencaptures

Our gallery was – finally! – updated with screencaptures of A Most Violent Year. The film released in January/2015 and directed by J. C. Chandor stars Oscar and his Juilliard friend Jessica Chastain, following the lives of an immigrant family trying to expand their business and capitalize on opportunities amid violence, decay and corruption. The film was high rated at Rotten Tomatoes score with 89% (195 reviews) and 79 Metacritics score, with 44 reviews. Oscar received a National Board of Review best actor award for this film, among other award nominations. Check the gallery for the screen captures:

written by Luciana on August 26, 2015

“Show Me A Hero” Parts 3 & 4

Screencaptures of latest two Show Me A Hero screencaptures has been added in our gallery. The final two episodes will be aired next Sunday on HBO.

Also, watch the Inside the Series Part 3 & 4 below:

written by Ray on November 28, 2013

For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada Screencaps & Stills

I’ve added 446 HD screencaps and 2 stills of Oscar Isaac in “For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada” where he plays El Catorce (Victoriano Ramirez). For more information on the film visit the Official IMDb page. For more photos check out our For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada (2012) category.

A chronicle of the Cristeros War (1926-1929); a war by the people of Mexico against the atheistic Mexican government.

001.jpg 01837.jpg 0112.jpg 0502.jpg 02936.jpg

written by Ray on November 14, 2013

Oscar Isaac Screenaps in The Nativity Story

678 HD screencaps of Oscar Isaac as “Joesph” in The Nativity Story (2007) have been added to our photo gallery. You can check out more photos by visiting our The Nativity Story (2006) category, or visit newly added album DVD Screencaps to see more of the actual screencaps! For more information on the movie, visit the Official IMDb page.

09687.jpg 09789.jpg 01055312148.jpg 01055312837.jpg 01055313536.jpg

In Nazareth, teenager Mary is betrothed to the local carpenter, Joseph. Mary is visited by an angel and told that she will fulfill a prophecy and as a virgin give birth to God’s son, the savior of the world. Mary’s pregnancy brings her the scorn of the community and Joseph struggles to believe her seemingly outlandish story. Meanwhile, a census forces every man and his family to return to his place of birth. Joesph and Mary set out on a long and arduous journey to Bethlehem. This story is based on the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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