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Welcome to Oscar Isaac Network, our source dedicated to Guatemalan-born American actor and musician Oscar Isaac, celebrating seven years online this year. You’ll find the latest news, photos and media on Oscar. Check out the site and please come back soon.

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Quotes about Oscar

  • “The whole story [Inside Llewyn Davis] is about a guy who never gets there, and yet the actual person who’s playing that guy, does it. He seizes that minute like a motherfucker.”
    T Bone Burnett
  • “We were screwed until Oscar showed up. [Inside Llewyn Davis Auditions]
    Ethan Coen
  • “It felt like a little bit of serendipity. Just seeing the looks on people’s faces looking at him like, ‘Where did you come from?’ It felt like: ‘Llewyn finally made it.’”
    Justin Timberlake
  • “If I came down right here and said, ‘Hey, I want you to hear this song,’ and if I played it with a lot of love and said, ‘Here’s a song I want to give all of you right now,’ that’s what Oscar was able to do. He was able to get into that real moment of a singer’s absolute generosity, giving everything he had. That’s an extraordinary feat.”
    T Bone Burnett
  • “He’s more than a credible musician. He could sing whole songs. You have to want to watch him as well as his musical performance. It was crazy for us to find someone. But we found Oscar.”
    – Ethan Coen