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written by Ray on November 14, 2013

Oscar Isaac Screenaps in The Nativity Story

678 HD screencaps of Oscar Isaac as “Joesph” in The Nativity Story (2007) have been added to our photo gallery. You can check out more photos by visiting our The Nativity Story (2006) category, or visit newly added album DVD Screencaps to see more of the actual screencaps! For more information on the movie, visit the Official IMDb page.

09687.jpg 09789.jpg 01055312148.jpg 01055312837.jpg 01055313536.jpg

In Nazareth, teenager Mary is betrothed to the local carpenter, Joseph. Mary is visited by an angel and told that she will fulfill a prophecy and as a virgin give birth to God’s son, the savior of the world. Mary’s pregnancy brings her the scorn of the community and Joseph struggles to believe her seemingly outlandish story. Meanwhile, a census forces every man and his family to return to his place of birth. Joesph and Mary set out on a long and arduous journey to Bethlehem. This story is based on the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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