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written by Ray on February 25, 2014

Oscar Isaac On the Cover of Backstage (November 2013) — Oscar Isaac graced the cover of Backstage on November. He chated with Backstage about his role in the Coen brothers “Inside Llewyn Davis”.

Oscar Isaac On How To Avoid Being Typecast

Actors are always anxious about being typecast—especially minorities, who have had less access to film and television roles. But Oscar Isaac’s career would seem to be a happy exception, not only by his playing characters with real dimensions but also from so many different nationalities. (Although he’s Guatemalan-Cuban, he’s portrayed everyone from Russian hoods to the King of England.)

“It’s something that I’ve been very conscious of from the get-go, from doing theater in Miami,” Isaac says. “I’m very happy to have the heritage that I do, but I’m not wanting to be ‘the Latino actor.’ I just want to be ‘an actor.’ Going to [Juilliard] and studying classical theater, it was about being able to play characters with all sorts of different circumstances from different parts of the world. For me, that’s incredibly important and much more interesting. So I have been fortunate, but it’s been an effort.”

And it’s meant turning down certain parts, he admits. “I have said no to things that people would be like, ‘How could you say no to that?’ It’s because it goes down a direction that I’m fighting not to go down.”

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