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written by Ray on February 03, 2014

Oscar Isaac fronted ska-punk band, performed at Warped Tour — Inside Llewyn Davis star Oscar Isaac once fronted a Florida punk-ska band, called The Worms. The young movie star has revealed he was a singer/songwriter just like the one he plays in the Coen Brothers movie long before he started acting – and he once performed on America’s Warped Tour festival.

I’ve been playing music since I was about 12 years old, playing guitar and I’ve had bands. I studied singing a little bit at school. I went to acting school Julliard but I took singing classes, so I’d always done it. My very first band was a soft rock band named Paper Face and then that turned into a hardcore band and that turned into a punk-ska band.  I grew up in south Florida, so we would play in a whole bunch of places down there. We even played in the Warped Tour festival for a couple of dates, which was really fun. We were called The Worms and we were a ska band; I was playing bass. I never recorded an album. It was more of a local scene. We never really went out that way. Similar to Llewyn, every time it looked like the next step was gonna happen I would do something to sabotage it a little bit. Maybe out of fear.

Meanwhile, Isaac will be able to reminisce about his days at drama school on the set of his next film – he reunites with Jessica Chastain on director J.C. Chandor’s The Most Violent Year. He explains, “We went to Julliard together.”

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