Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Written by Luciana /  Posted on 5 January 2016 

Happy New Year!

I’m back from my vacation, and now updates are going to resume. After watching Star Wars for three times already, I can finally update with articles from the film without the worry on being spoilered. And I can say that it’s being pretty satisfying to see everyone deeply in love with Oscar after the film release. The amount of friends that contacted me asking about other of his films to watch, was really amazing.

Star Wars is about to become the top-grossing title in history. According to THR, the film raced past Furious 7 and Marvel’s The Avengers at the worldwide box office on Monday to land at No. 4 on the list of the all-time top-grossing films with a staggering total of $1.54 billion, not accounting for inflation. The film is yet to open on China, on this weekend, and there’s already some box office predictions. Despite being #1 or not, the Star Wars mania is everywhere.

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