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Written by Ray /  Posted on 23 August 2013 

The theatrical trailer for “Inside Llewyn Davis” has released, many thanks to Oscar on his official Facebook page for sharing it! You can watch it below! I’ll be adding HD screencaps of all trailers tomorrow, so stay tuned! — It appears audiences might finally get to hear lead Oscar Isaac sing in the newest trailer for “Inside Llewyn Davis,” but brothers Joel and Ethan Coen know better than to reveal all their secrets before the film makes its official theatrical debut.

Instead, we get some familiar scenes featuring Isaac (who plays the titular folk singer) and his unlikely paramour (a fellow folk singer played by Carey Mulligan), as well as some expanded dialogue between Davis and John Goodman, where Davis reveals his former singing partner threw himself off the George Washington Bridge. We also see Davis beg a record company exec for royalties because he can’t afford to buy a winter coat, giving some heft to his struggling musician storyline.

The gorgeous cover of folk staple “Fare Thee Well” that soundtracked the last trailer is back again, and it’s when it ends that it seems Isaac is ready for his close-up. The owner of a club where Davis wants to gig implores him to play something from “Inside Llewyn Davis,” his record. The clip cuts off just as Davis gets ready to open his mouth.

Those dying to hear his voice can finally have a listen when the film’s soundtrack drops September 6. “Inside Llewyn Davis” hits theaters December 6.

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