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written by Ray on December 12, 2013

Esquire UK – January Edition Scans

I’ve added 8 scans of Oscar Isaac in Esquire UK’s January 2014 Edition, massive thanks to my friend Luciana at and! Check them out below. Here’s a snip of his article:

Oscar Isaac prepped for his role in upcoming Coen brothers’ film Inside Llewyn Davis by going to parties in character. He dressed and acted like his leading man role, a Greenwich Village folk singer in 1961. The clothes weren’t a problem; he donned a typical earnest muso outfit of sand corduroy jacket with black jeans and grew a bread. It was his facial demeanour – part hangdog, part potential jerk – that split partygoers.

“Someone is immediately turned off by you or there’s an immediate intimacy that happens,” Issac says, helpfully demonstrating the face. It is soft, wide-eyed but heavy; impossible to read without the standard expressions that tell you someone means no harm. “I wanted to convey warmth without ever using charm or smiling,” says the 33-year-old actor, “and it’s a scary thing to do because all of us are used to doing that.”

For the role of Llewyn Davis, Guatemalan-born Isaac, a musican himself, plays that face to perfection. He’s a troubadour in trouble within a music scene dying on its mandolin. Davis is a talent on the folk revival scene, but he cannot catch a wave, professional or personally. The film follows him on a week-long odyessy, where the viewer is invited to assume some of his misfortune is his own doing, some plain bad timing.

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